Finally, a video production services company who can handle everything from script to screen

Our video production services are top-of-the-line, and our skilled production team has experience with all styles and forms of video. Whatever you need, our video production services can take care of it

About Video Production Services

Sure we’re an agency, but we also offer video production services. Our video production services are top-of-the-line, and our skilled production team has experience with all styles and forms of video. Need a television commercial? That’s our specialty! A corporate video suits your needs better? No problem! Whatever you need, our video production services can take care of it. Television commercials, infomercials, promotional videos, radio commercials, even print advertising, the production services at Creative Bube Tube are equipped to handle any production need.

Making television commercials is what we do. If you already have a script in place or are an agency needing a video production company for your client, then we are a perfect match. Our video production experience in the advertising industry has allowed us to fine-tune our services to create high-quality television commercials for you. Our capabilities are extensive, from on-location filming, to white limbo soundstages, to fully designed and built sets. We location scout, audition actors, assemble top-notch crews, and do whatever else is required to ensure your television commercial is produced with the highest quality.

An infomercial is one of the most effective forms of television advertising. From a video production standpoint it requires a different style of filming that focuses solely on the product or services your company offers. If you want a successful infomercial, our video production services will give you just that. With the camera’s attention on the benefits of your company’s services or products, you are assured of the highest production quality to give your company the powerful and professional image you deserve.

Video is a compelling promotional tool and the increase in online media has added to its importance. Our video production services have created a multitude of promotional projects such as corporate and viral videos. These videos reach a different audience, but can be just as effective for your company when produced properly. Our video production services are fully qualified to handle any promotional video you may need.

As video production specialists, how do you handle radio and print productions

We’re video production specialists, that means our production services and production experts have extensive knowledge of any production you need, including radio and print productions. Radio is essentially audio without the video and print is video without the audio. Our creative expertise allows our production services to still maintain our high level of quality regardless of which advertising vehicle you’re presenting the information on. We have a substantial library of professional voice over artists and sound designers who are able to bring your radio ad to life with their talents. Print productions require a keen visual mind, able to visualize an effective message and then produce an outstanding creative concept viewers are drawn in to. Our designers are adept at numerous forms of print advertising, including:

  • Logo creation or updates
  • Print collateral (business cards, letterhead, envelopes etc)
  • Print advertising (magazine spreads, newspapers etc)
  • Signage
  • Print Templates (cd, dvd, other media)
  • Powerpoint templates

No other video production company features such versatile production services. We’ll take care of you and your best interests every step of the way, allowing you to be as involved as you desire to ensure the utmost success for your project.

How do I get more information on advertising with Creative Bube Tube?

It’s simple, send an email to [email protected], or call us at 1-855-BUBE TUBE and one of our advertising specialists will contact you by end of business day.  We will be more than happy to spend some time gaining a better understanding of your company and what goals you had in mind for your television advertising campaign. From there we’ll work together to make sure you share the same success our other clients have had utilizing truly memorable television advertising.

We look forward to hearing from you!