Hi, Jenny Munford here.

 When I created Creative Bube Tube back in 2006, I thought there was a market for affordable television advertising campaigns.  I guess I was right because we now have 24 full-time employees, three offices across Canada, a reel that includes more than 350 campaigns and over 30 industry awards.  But what I am most proud of is our ever growing list of very satisfied clients, including emerging businesses, mid-sized businesses and multi-nationals.They came to us because we offered something they couldn’t get anywhere else: eye-catching television commercials at a fraction of the usual cost and media buys that deliver more impressions at less cost.  They also like our commitment to meeting – or exceeding – client expectations at every turn, while providing the convenience of one-stop shopping for all their broadcast needs. 

I say “broadcast” because you no longer need a television to watch TV.  Today, television is watched across multiple platforms, including computers, tablets and Smart Phones.  It’s a whole new world and it’s full of fantastic opportunities to reach your target market in exciting new ways that can deliver outstanding results.  Like Slimband, a weight loss clinic that came to us a few years back with a great idea, a small budget and big dreams.  Today they have dozens of outlets across Canada.

Other companies have found success by simply replacing their under performing advertising with breakthrough advertising by Creative Bube Tube.  Think about that.  You don’t spend one cent more, but you get something you didn’t get before.  Results.

Now what about your business?  Are you going to do the same-old, same-old?  Or is it time break away from the competition with a market changing television campaign by Creative Bube Tube?

Get the answer by calling us to arrange an introductory meeting or request a free estimate.  As we say in the marketing business, there is no cost or obligation.  All you have to lose is your misconceptions about what TV could do for your business.1 855 BUBE TUBE. …We will serve your needs – at every turn.